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Ventilation Installation Systems including vents and ducts for supply and extraction in commercial properties throughout Swansea, Bristol and Cardiff.

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Ventilation Installation

Ventilation Installation | Swansea | Bristol | Cardiff

Ventilation System Installation

Westwinds Ventilation can help you design the most suitable and cost effective ventilation solution for your business. A common implementation of such a system is in a hot and busy kitchen where it is essential to remove smoke and fumes and keep the air as fresh and cool as possible for your staff.

Any workplace – be it industrial or commercial, factory or office, school or sports centre – needs to constantly circulate a fresh airstream to replace and ventilate stale and noxious air.

Not only is ventilation with air filtration and purification fundamental to a productive work environment, it also ensures that machinery is not damaged or components and products spoiled by fumes or condensation.

This is done by installing an Extractor unit and canopy combined with (often complicated and bulky) ducting required to port all the noxious air outside.

At Westwinds we will provide a bespoke ventilation solution that is perfectly suited to your premises and your business. There is no such thing as an off-the-shelf solution which will satisfy your ventilation needs — buildings vary too much in structure and design.

Our experienced team can provide:

  • Extractor and Canopy Installation
  • Internal Ducting and Venting
  • Supply and Extraction
  • Steel Sheeting Fabrication
  • External Ducting
  • Bespoke Hoods and Enclosures

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